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Family Check In

family 1At New Life Church, we value kids and we want to provide a safe environment for each child and family that attends a weekend service. With that said, we have created a Check In process to help create that safe experience.  Here is what that looks like.

-Each child must check in at our centralized check in center with their parent/guardian.   What that means is kids can't enter the family mininstry area alone or are checked in by someone else (sibling, friend, etc.) other than a parent or guardian.  

-When at the check in cetner, each child will be asked their name to receive a computer generated name tag.  The child must wear the tag during the duration of the service.

-A same identical safety tag will be given to the parent(s) as well.  You must keep that tag for the duration of the service.

-Each parent will then take their child to their age appropriate room.  We have volunteers to help each of you get there if it's your first time.  


-If your child needs you during the service, our volunteers will be able to page you directly via our sreens in the auditorium.  We smiply ask you to respond promptly if you see your name.

-At the end of service you will pick up your child promptly (again, not siblings, friends, etc.) in the same classroom.  

-You will be asked to present the tag to our volunteer team before entering the room.

-Our team will then match your tag with the tag worn by your child. Once the tags match, you are free to leave and enjoy the rest of your day.

Wellness Policy: 

For the safety of all of the kids at New Life we do ask parents and grand parents to not check their kids into a classroom or activity if the child has a temperature greater than 100 degrees or has a rash, green running nose, red swollen and watery eyes, vomiting, cold or flue, throat/ear infection, or if diarrhea is present or any other contagious disease.